Our durable replacement equipment parts are built to the highest standards, and are independently tested to provide an extended life span.
• Warehoused around the globe to expedite delivery
• The uniform, precision machining ensures a precise fit

Need Parts or Service? Need Parts or Service?

High Shear Extruder Parts

We take care to precision-grind all mating surfaces and the internal diameter of rotating parts allowing for a flush and balanced fit.

extruder equipment parts
oil press parts

Oil Press Parts

Our precision-built oil press parts are machined for long life, providing maximum extraction of oil from oilseeds.

Medium Shear Extruder Parts

Our unique medium-shear parts include proprietary sleeved chambers available in either a fluted or spiral design.

equipment parts for extruder and oil press
cutter head and parts for extruder

Cutter Head & Die Parts

Available in standard and custom shapes, our components and dies produce shaped feeds down to 1.5mm pellets.

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