Our top-quality coolers remove heat and vapor, serving as an important component in feed and food ingredient preparation.

• Variety of capacity options
• Essential for storage preparation
• Ensure high-quality extruded products

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Counterflow Cooler

The Insta-Pro Counterflow Cooler maximizes product value by removing heat and vapor from extruded feed & food ingredients.


  • Full action floor
  • Circular cooling chamber design
  • Radial air exhaust with damper
  • Ducted air inlet to draw outside air into the cooler
  • Control panel for floor and damper operation’
  • Includes air system: fan, cyclone and airlock
  • Capacity up to 16,000 lbs./hr.
Insta-Pro Counterflow Cooler
Insta-Pro 950 Cooler

Model 950 Cooler

Capacity: Maximum 6,000 lbs./hr. (2,728 kg./hr.) 100º F ambient maximum

Model 900 Cooler

Capacity: Maximum 4,000 lb./hr. (1,818 kg./hr.) 100º F ambient maximum

Insta-Pro Model 900
Insta-Pro Model 700

Model 700 Cooler

Capacity: Maximum 2,000 lbs./hr. (909 kg./hr.) 100º F ambient maximum

Model 400 Cooler

Capacity: Maximum 1000 lbs./hr. (455 kg./hr.) 100º F ambient maximum

Model 400 Cooler

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Soy Processing at Avicola Sofia

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