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High Oilseed Processing at Natural Selection Farms

The Challenge:
Canola looked like a great opportunity for Ted Durfey’s diversified Washington State farm. It fit into his crop rotation, delivered very good yields, and required a lot less water than other crops. The problem: The nearest processor buying canola seed was 840 miles away in Canada.

Then biodiesel fuel became popular, and Durfey saw an opportunity to process canola himself, use the oil for biodiesel and sell the feed component to local dairies. By 2006, he was setting up his processing equipment, including an Insta-Pro PRESS-EXPRESS® SYSTEM.


Why Insta-Pro International®:

“We did our due diligence and looked at a lot of different pieces of equipment, including Insta-Pro,” says Durfey. “We went with Insta-Pro because they offered service, service, service. We took delivery in 2006, and became the first canola processor in Washington.”


The Results:

“In working with Insta-Pro, we’ve been able to exceed our expectations for oil extraction. Our processing involves pressing, extruding, then pressing two more times, and the Insta- Pro equipment has allowed us to run a variety of commodities,” reports Durfey, who now processes grape seed, canola, flax, sunflowers, soybeans, and camelina for their oil.

He also cited the benefits of Insta-Pro International’s proprietary research.

“When we chose them, they had a research lab working on crushing other commodities, so they offered the premier advantage in supplying technical information to an emerging company out here in Washington.”

Today, Durfey credits the system’s processing advantages but praises especially Insta- Pro International’s service.

“I can call a technician right this moment and get an answer right now. If I need a part, I can have it tomorrow,” he says. “I’ve got technical backing and advice from people like Karl Arnold and Oz Grimm.

“Our questions are always resolved immediately with Insta-Pro. That’s imperative, because our crushing operation runs 24 hours a day, seven days a week, so down-time is expensive,” he concludes.

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