Our Promise of Successful Start-Up Support

Price and quality are undoubtedly crucial considerations when purchasing equipment, but they’re not the sole factors to contemplate. It’s equally vital to assess the services and support your operations demand to ensure your supplier can meet those needs effectively. Here at Insta-Pro, we take pride in offering a full range of on-site and remote services through our dedicated service team. From equipment commissioning to machine operator training, safety protocols, and troubleshooting, we’ve got you covered.


Our service team doesn’t just stop setting up your equipment and providing basic training. We understand that even the best machinery can underperform if not operated correctly. That’s why during commissioning and training sessions, we focus on ingraining the best operational practices in your machine operators right from the start. After all, having the right equipment is only half the battle; without the necessary skills and performance, product quality could suffer significantly.


We’ve witnessed firsthand how proper training and support can have a substantial impact on the bottom line. By ensuring that your team knows how to operate the equipment correctly, we’ve seen customers save upwards of $250,000 through various means such as increased wear parts longevity, improved energy efficiency, and enhanced safety measures.


Our training sessions delve into not just the operation of the machinery, but also the aspects of producing the highest quality end product. Whether it’s optimizing grind size or fine-tuning parameters like temperature, pressure, and friction, we provide comprehensive guidance to help you extract the most value from your equipment. After all, maximizing part longevity is not just about cost savings; it’s also about maximizing oil extraction efficiency and preserving meal quality.


We understand that equipment issues can arise, but with our ongoing support, no trouble is insurmountable. Through a combination of commissioning, training, and ongoing safety support, as well as our support & guidance via the materials on our Customer Portal, we empower your team with the knowledge and skills they need to unlock the full potential of your machinery and optimize your entire operation.


Together, we can overcome any challenge and ensure your continued success in the processing industry.

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